Discovering the Gem

29 May 2023

Discovering the Gem

1. Konak Square and Clock Tower:
Located in the heart of the İzmir Tour, Konak Square is the city's symbol. Here, you will see the historic Clock Tower, which has become an icon of İzmir and represents its history. Take a break at the various cafes and restaurants in the square to soak in the atmosphere of İzmir.

2. Kordon Promenade:
Kordon Promenade, the most famous seaside promenade in İzmir, is an essential stop on your tour. You can take a leisurely stroll, enjoy the sea view, and savor the flavors of Aegean cuisine at various restaurants and cafes. Additionally, Kordon Promenade is a vibrant area that hosts various events and festivals, making it the beating heart of the city.

3. Ephesus Ancient City:
Located near İzmir, Ephesus Ancient City is one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world and is a perfect addition to the İzmir Tour. You can explore magnificent structures such as the Grand Theatre, the Celsus Library, and the Temple of Artemis, immersing yourself in the historical atmosphere of the Roman era.

4. Pergamon Ancient City:
Visiting Pergamon Ancient City during the İzmir Tour is ideal for a historical and cultural journey. Here, you can see important structures like the Acropolis and the Asclepion (Medical Center) and discover unique artifacts from the Hellenistic period. Additionally, you can explore handicraft products such as Bergama's famous ceramics and kilims.

5. Alaçatı:
I recommend allocating time to visit Alaçatı as well, apart from the İzmir Tour. This charming town is known for its stone houses, narrow streets, and renowned windsurfing opportunities. You can take a stroll in Alaçatı, explore the historic bazaar, and savor the flavors of Aegean cuisine at award-winning restaurants.