An Ancient City

29 May 2023

An Ancient City

1. Ephesus Ancient City:
Located at the heart of the Ephesus Tour, Ephesus Ancient City played a significant role as the capital of the Roman Empire's Asian province. Here, you can explore magnificent structures such as the Grand Theatre, the Celsus Library, and the Temple of Artemis. You will feel the texture of history and be enchanted by the allure of the past.

2. Temple of Artemis:
The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is situated within the Ephesus Ancient City. This temple was dedicated to Artemis and served as a grand religious center. Although the original temple is no longer standing, witnessing the remnants and learning about its history is a truly impressive experience.

3. House of the Virgin Mary:
A must-visit stop on the Ephesus Tour is the House of the Virgin Mary. According to Christian belief, Mary lived here and spent her final days. This sacred place offers visitors an emotional atmosphere and is regarded as a pilgrimage site for many.

4. Ephesus Museum:
Visiting the Ephesus Museum during the Ephesus Tour provides an opportunity to closely examine the historical artifacts from the ancient city. The museum exhibits sculptures, mosaics, ceramics, and other valuable pieces from the Roman era. With its rich collection, the museum stands out as a captivating stop that leaves an impression on visitors.

5. Şirince Village:
I recommend allocating time to visit Şirince Village at the end of the Ephesus Tour. This charming village is famous for its stone houses, narrow streets, and vineyards. Here, you can taste fresh fruit wines, purchase handmade souvenirs, and indulge in exquisite Turkish cuisine. Şirince Village serves as a perfect final destination for the Ephesus Tour with its peaceful atmosphere.