Visit for a Swim in Cesme/Alacati!

5 May 2023

Visit for a Swim in Cesme/Alacati!

1. Ilıca Beach:
One of the most famous beaches in Çeşme, Ilıca Beach stands out with its white sandy shore and shallow waters. Here, you can enjoy the sea while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of the thermal springs. Watching the sunset at Ilıca Beach will be an unforgettable experience.

2. Alaçatı Beach:
Ideal for windsurfing enthusiasts, Alaçatı Beach is renowned for its strong winds. It's also a suitable choice for those seeking relaxation with its spacious beach area and serene atmosphere. Additionally, you can try the delicious flavors of the Aegean cuisine at the surrounding cafes and restaurants.

3. Pırlanta (Diamond) Beach:
Located in Sığacık Bay, Pırlanta (Diamond) Beach gets its name from the unique sparkle of its magnificent sandy shore. This beach stands out with its natural beauty and tranquil environment. You can enjoy swimming in the calm waters of the sea or relax on sun loungers.

4. Altınkum Beach:
Named after its golden sandy beaches, Altınkum Beach captivates visitors with its pristine waters. There are various water sports facilities around the beach that offer activities such as scuba diving and parasailing. If you're interested in underwater diving or sea parasailing, Altınkum Beach is the perfect choice for you.

5. Aya Yorgi Bay:
One of the most popular bays in Çeşme, Aya Yorgi Bay is famous for its crystal-clear sea and natural beauty. You can have your lunch at the restaurants around the beach and enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool seawater. Aya Yorgi Bay is also a hub for nightlife, so you can join the entertainment after the sunset.